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We are a full service commercial plumbing company that solves simple to complex problems in multi-family and all commercial real estate.

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Plumbing is one of the oldest and most important disciplines in building science. As a real estate investor, your success depends on providing reliable systems in each of your buildings. 

We seek to provide  reliable systems and peace of mind. Our crew is trained and incentivised to quickly assess the problem and find the solution; all while communicating to all those who are affected.

AJET Plumbing is a full service commercial plumbing contractor who keeps your pipes flowing; we are available to help with the full range of plumbing issues from small repairs to large capital projects. Through our network of regional offices, we are available to help in major markets across the Carolinas and Georgia. 

Our trucks are equipped with the most trusted brands and the latest technology to ensure minimal disruption and timely resolution. Our company’s culture is rooted in achieving the highest quality standards where service is foremost.

We complete each job with full awareness that our reputation depends on making difficult problems look easy. Innovative technology is the tool that makes us most effective at finding solutions, but our competitive advantage is our people.

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