Backflow Testing & Preventers

Backflow can be a serious problem for many homeowners. This is when water from your sewer line reverses flow and comes back into your home. When you have a water pressure issue that allows this reversal, you could end up with unsanitary conditions in your home and your water source.

AJET Plumbing is here to help. We install backflow preventers throughout the Apex and Holly Springs, NC, areas. Our team can run tests and determine the cause of your backflow issues. If necessary, we’ll install a backflow preventer to ensure your home’s water supply stays clean.

Make sure your home is safe and sanitary with a backflow preventer from AJET Plumbing. Contact us today to schedule testing and installation.

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24/7 Service for Your 24/7 Life

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What Causes Backups?

There are many likely causes of a backup in your sewer system. A few likely issues include:

  • Tree roots: Over time, tree roots can grow so large that they break through a sewer pipe and take up a significant amount of space in the pipe, blocking the flow.
  • Foreign materials: If enough thick materials like paper towels are flushed, a sewer line can get clogged and cause slow drainage.
  • Broken sewer pipes: As pipes age, they can deteriorate and the metal can break up, leading to a serious clog in the line.

No matter the cause of a blocked sewer pipe, backflow testing and preventers can help alleviate the issue.

Contact AJET Plumbing today to discuss your options with a Holly Springs plumber.

Why Is Backflow Testing Important?

Pair of hands with black gloves grabbing a dug-up sewer pipe.Testing for backflow is vital if you suspect that backflow may be occurring. With proper testing, you can:

  • Discover if a backflow situation is happening or about to happen
  • Detect dangerous materials or chemicals in your water supply
  • Take action to resolve the issue as soon as possible

If you suspect your home is experiencing backflow, it’s important to have a professional plumber run a test. AJET Plumbing can use special tools to test your pipes and uncover the issue. If you need a backflow preventer, we can install one ASAP.

Treat your plumbing right by scheduling backflow testing today.

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Backflow Preventer Installation

Backflow preventers are designed to stop the flow of outbound water from coming back into your home. These systems work with the water pressure in your pipes to ensure the flow goes the right way. With a preventer system in place, you can rest assured that contaminated water won’t blend with your water supply.

AJET Plumbing installs backflow preventers designed to keep your home sanitary.

Contact our team today to learn more about these systems and schedule a consultation for installation.

Choose AJET Plumbing

For years, AJET Plumbing has resolved plumbing problems throughout Holly Springs and Apex, NC. We offer drain cleaning services to reduce the chances of a backup or severe damage to your pipes. Our expert technicians have the tools needed to provide comprehensive plumbing services. You can rely on us for all your plumbing needs.

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