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When you need a full-service plumber in Holly Springs, look no further than AJET Plumbing. We have served the Greater Raleigh area for years, and our work is backed by some of today’s most trusted brands. Whether your shower has suddenly gone cold, your sinks are clogged, or you find a plumbing leak, we’re the experts to call.

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24/7 Service for Your 24/7 Life plumbing should never stop
24/7 Service for Your 24/7 Life

plumbing should never stop

Water Heaters

Your water heater is essential to your plumbing system, allowing you to shower, bathe, cook, and clean with hot water straight from the tap. But water heating can get expensive. That’s why we offer water heater installation and replacement to upgrade your failing tank with something more energy-efficient.

Whether you prefer a traditional tank model or tankless-style water heating, we can meet your needs.

We service and install:

Water Heater Repair

You can’t go long without hot water. That’s why AJET Plumbing offers same-day water heater repairs. Here’s how to tell your water heater needs professional attention:

  • No hot water
  • Not enough hot water
  • Inconsistent water temperatures
  • Leaky storage tank
  • Rust-colored or foul-smelling hot water
  • Unusual noises coming from the appliance
  • Unexpected rise in water heating costs

If you notice any of these problems in your Holly Springs home, call (919) 371-5222 right away to request water heater repair.

Drain & Sewer

Are your drains slow? Does foul-smelling water ever back up from your sink or shower drains? Don’t ignore these problems, as they could point to larger issues with your sewer line. Call AJET Plumbing for drain and sewer services to get things flowing properly again.

Drain Clearing

Residential drain clearing is a routine part of home maintenance. Plan to have your drains cleaned every two years to prevent inconvenient and possibly messy clogs, backups, and overflows. AJET Plumbing offers these services:

  • Debris removal
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Drain maintenance

Hydro Jetting

When standard drain-clearing methods don’t work, hydro jetting can get the job done. This involves spraying high-pressure water into your pipes to clear severe, deep-seated clogs in the sewer line.

Your home’s plumbing may need hydro jetting if you experience:

  • Slow or poor drainage
  • Multiple clogs at once
  • Gurgling sounds coming from drains
  • Sewer odors
  • Water backing up into the sink or tub
  • Foundation cracks

Other Plumbing Services

Plumber using drain snake to unclog drain.Turn to us for all your other plumbing needs, including:

  • Leak detection: Musty odors, water stains, and higher-than-usual water bills are signs of a plumbing leak. Once it forms, finding and fixing the leak is critical to minimize property damage.
  • Water lines: If your incoming water line is blocked, cracked, or has low water pressure, we’d be happy to help.
  • Toilets: Clogged or overflowing toilet? Leaky toilet base? Weak flush? Whatever your toilet troubles, we can set them right.
  • Sump pumps: When you need a new sump pump installed or an existing fixture repaired, turn to AJET Plumbing.
  • Garbage disposals: No kitchen sink is complete without a garbage disposal. Let us fix your clogged, jammed, noisy, or leaky unit to restore full functionality.

Your Go-To Plumber in the Triangle

With AJET Plumbing on call, you’ll never have to worry about your plumbing again. Our Holly Springs customers trust us to deliver speedy, same-day service with long-lasting results. Partner with us, and you’ll have access to licensed and insured professionals the next time your plumbing acts up.

Contact us today at (919) 371-5222 to learn how we can support your home’s pipes, drains, and plumbing appliances for years to come.

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